What is Deep web- Surface web and Dark web

Internet is the most important thing in today’s time. We can do everything on the internet like chat, work, paying, study, etc. The Internet plays the most important role in our life now. If sometimes because of some error Google stops working we think nothing available in our life. We are spending most of the time on the Internet like on YouTube, Google, and Facebook, etc. It’s a virtual world and it now becomes a regular part of our lives.

Three Secret ways to search the internet, Deep web, Surface web and Dark web

Have you ever try to know that the Internet you are surfing has its own parts which you don’t know. You only know which Google wants to show you. In this article. In this article, we are going to share with our readers about the parts of the internet.

Internet is divided into

• Surface Web
• Deep Web
• Dark Web

Surface Web: – Every single website which is available on Google, Bing, and Yahoo is called the surface web. This is the part of the web which can be easily accessed by normal browsers like Mozilla, Google Chrome, and Safari, etc. Most popular surface web websites are Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Most commonly used surface web domain’s are .com, .net, .org etc.

Deep Web: – This is the part of the web which is available in the deep of the Internet. It cannot be accessible by any search engine, because deep web content is only available in the form of login boxes. You can access the deep web any of browsers. Most of the IT firms are using the deep web to transfer their data. They think that this is the best secure way to transfer data from one place to another.

Dark Web: – This is the most interesting and horrible part of the Internet. It cannot be accessible by any of the search engines. If you want to identify the dark web domain, it’s only available with .onion. It is not look like .com, .net or .org. You cannot access it with the help of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and etc. It can only be accessed by a special browser called ‘Tor’. It is a highly encrypted browser. It works with the multiple secure encrypted layers to protect your online identity.

Do you know how big is dark web? The surface is the 2% part of the internet and dark web 98%. Now maybe you know how big it is. It is basically famous for all kinds of illegal work.

Most famous dark web crimes are hacking, killing, red rooms, etc. All websites on the dark web accepting only bitcoins. They think if they change their payment method maybe they will be tracked by government agencies. If you don’t know more about the dark web and wants to visit, our suggestion for you is don’t go out there. If you are not an expert they will affect your system with the malware. Maybe they can even steal all of your personal detail. In most of the countries, the dark web is banned. So stay safe. Expect us.


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