How to restore deleted iCloud contacts, calendars, and bookmarks

it is possible that this might have happened to you when suddenly some content from iCloud storage went missing unexpectedly.if this has happened to you then don’t fret as we will tell you how to restore it back follow the steps below to restore them.

Apple iCloud by default keeps all the deleted content stored for definite time period of 30 days if the date has been deleted accidentally in the past few days then there’s a fair chance that it will be recovered by following some simple steps.

Before proceeding with the steps there are a few things that one should keep handy

  • Any Apple running IOS, MacOS or IPadOS device or a computer with browser installed in it
  • Apple account login ID and password
  • Working internet connectivity
  • if possible latest version of IOS, IPadOS or macOS

How to restore content from iCloud

  1. Head to on MAC or Windows laptop

2.Login Using Apple account Login ID and password

  • Now Tap on Account settings
  • scroll down to the bottom of the account settings page and look for the Advance section
  • click on the option restore calendars or restore bookmarks depending upon the content you are looking to restore
  • choose available archive to restore (do note that the restored content will overwrite the existing content across all the synced devices)

similarly there’s also an option to restore images and videos deleted. all you needto do is click on that particular option and wait till iCloud shows all the recently deleted items. choose photos and videos you want to restore and click on restore button to start the process

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